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Microsoft Azure Hosting

Host your software and applications with Microsoft Azure cloud resources. This trusted cloud technology is FedRAMP authorized to meet or exceed your organization's security and compliance requirements. Our experts design scalable and repeatable cloud hosting environments to meet service level agreements.

Microsoft Azure Services


We enable commercial and government organizations to procure infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), or software as a service (SaaS) cloud deployment models. Our experts guide your organization through Azure cloud environments including Azure Global, Azure Government Community Cloud (IL4, IL5), and Azure Secret (IL6). 


Microsoft Power Platform


Microsoft Power Platform is a a low-code, no-code platform for rapid application development.  Our Microsoft Power Platform developers have the expertise to plan, design, develop, test, and implement your organization's applications.  We can also help you manage and provision your Microsoft Power Platform licenses. Partner with us to develop, secure, architect, and manage your low-code applications. 


Microsoft Office

​TechTrend is authorized to resell 10,000+ Office 365 solutions. We can provide enterprise, business, or government community cloud  (GCC & GCC High) licenses to your organization. Not sure where to start or confused about licenses?  Let our experts help you manage and provision your Office 365 licenses.

​Microsoft Dynamics


Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers your organization a way to connect your business with your customers. Microsoft Dynamics offers solutions for customer data, customer service, sales, marketing, human resources, supply chain, commerce, finance, project management, and small businesses. Discover more about your customers when you leverage our Microsoft Dynamics expertise.


GitHub Enterprise


GitHub Enterprise is a source code management solution for developers and project managers. GitHub Enterprise provides organizations and teams enterprise-grade collaboration, security, and administration. TechTrend uses GitHub Enterprise to plan and develop their applications using automations, workflows, best practices, and support.

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